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.22 Fun Match April 2021

COSC 22 Match

.22 Fun Match

The .22 Fun Match is a great event for shooters who want to have an enjoyable time sharpening their competitive skills. It is also the perfect training ground for anyone interested in getting into Cowboy Action Shooting. The Canyon Oaks Sportsman’s Club .22 Fun Match is held the second Saturday of each month. This event is restricted to .22 caliber firearms and is open to ages 12 years and up.
22 Fun Match

Firearms and Ammunition

Just as in Cowboy Action events, .22 Fun Match shooters utilize multiple firearms. Each shooter uses two .22 caliber revolvers or one semi-automatic pistol, and one .22 caliber rifle (lever action, pump, or semi-auto). Only .22 caliber lead bullets are used in this match. All other forms of .22 caliber bullets are prohibited.
22 Fun Match

Competition and Scoring

Similar to Cowboy Action events, .22 Fun Match competitors shoot a number of separate shooting scenarios known as "stages." Stages are always different, each typically requiring ten revolver or semi-automatic pistol rounds, and ten rifle rounds. Shooters compete one at a time against the clock. Most matches are scored simply by "total time." Misses, safety, and procedural violations add seconds to the competitor's time. The shooter with the lowest cumulative time is the first-place winner. Approximately 120 rounds are shot across six stages.
22 Fun Match
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