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Defenders August 2021

August Pistol Shoot

Saturday, August 14th, 2021 9 am – Noon, Range P4 $10 – Club Members / $20 – Non-members


August Scenario

• Bring your Revolver for a change of pace! • ‘Moving’ required (so wear that knee wrap if needed) • Reloads are required • Iron sights preferred (but it’s up to you) • Must have 3 magazines / Firearm Holsters recommended • Unless you want to hand-load rounds into your single mag • Distance between 7 - 25 yards (but may be adjusted) • Need only 9 rounds (no more, no less) per course attempt • Combined score based on accurate hits and time

Gear Guidelines

• Pistols only, any caliber • Bring your own gear including gun, holster, ammo, ear and eye protection • Anything else you feel like you’ll need

Winner Prize

1st place winners of each round will walk away with the title of a “Top Defender” for the month and win an exclusive Challenge Coin!

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