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Defender’s June 2021

June Pistol Shoot

Saturday, June 12th 9 am - Noon, Range P4 $10 - Club Members / $20 - Non-Members

June Scenario

Back by popular demand (April shoot remix) Just how fast are you? Shooting from Cover & Concealment Reloads as required with iron sights preferred (but it’s up to you) Shooters will need at least 2 magazines Distance @ 10 yards (but may be adjusted) 9 rounds per course attempt (if you don’t miss, so bring at least 15 per round) Scores based on fastest time

Gear Guidelines

Pistols only, any caliber Bring your own gear including gun, holster, ammo, ear and eye protection… and anything else you feel like you’ll need

Winning Prize

1st place winners of each round will walk away with the title of a "Top Defender" for the month and win an exclusive Challenge Coin!!!

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